Remedial Education

Remedial education (RE) is basic catch-up education in begineer. It is provided to students who have fallen below minimum standards. Remedial learning usually focuses on basic literacy and numeracy skills to reach standardized benchmarks for typical students of a certain age.

There is no fixed duration time for remedial education. It is contingent upon each child’s distinctive needs on brain.

Learning difficulties people face:

  • Poor memorization power
  • Short attention span and are easily distracted
  • Low level of comprehensive control
  • Motivation to learn is lacking
  • Lack of self-assurance and a low level of self-expectation
  • Vulnerability of problem-solving abilities. 
  • Failure to understand knowledge effectively and a proclivity for mixing things up. 
  • Have a hard time grasping new or abstract ideas 
  • Need additional time to complete my task

There are other terms for remedial learning, such as:

  • Developmental Education,
  • Basic Skills Education,
  • 3R’s Education (Reading, Writing, Arithmetic)
  • Preparatory Education, and
  • Academic Upgrading
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