PRP Therapy In Eractile Dysfunction

The PRP is an outpatient procedure, so you can go in, have it done, and be out later after that day. You may want to take a day off work or other responsibilities to allow yourself enough time to get it done, but this isn it normal.

Avoid having sexual intercourse for a couple of days after the procedure to avoid infecting the injection sites in month. Try to limit intense physical activity for a couple days, too, so that sweating or chafing doesn’t irritate the area.

PRP Therapy treatment

    • ED treatment
    • blood flow and nerve sensation improvement
    • stronger and more intense orgasms
    • higher stamina during sex
    • more libido and a more sensitive penis
    • works alongside testosterone therapy
    • helps with sexual function after prostate surgery
    • makes the penis longer and wider

What to expect during your appointment

  • increased blood flow
  • repair responses in some tissue or cells
  • new neural pathways being established (from new experiences and positive reinforcement)
  • hormonal factors
  • blood supply
  • problems with the nervous system
  • other factors
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