Learning Difficulty In Children

Children with learning disorders often need extra help and instruction that are specialized for them. Having a learning disorder can qualify a child for special education services in school and home. Schools usually do their own testing for learning disorders to see if a child needs intervention or not.

An evaluation by a healthcare professional is needed if there are other concerns about the child’s behavior or emotions. Parents, healthcare providers, and the school can work together to find the right referrals and treatment.

Learning Disorders in Children

  • Difficulty telling right from left
  • Difficulties recognizing patterns or sorting items by size or shape
  • Lacking coordination when moving around
  • Difficulty doing tasks with the hands, like writing, cutting, or drawing
  • Difficulty understanding the concept of time
  • Reversing letters, words, or numbers, after first or second grade
  • Difficulty understanding and following instructions or staying organized
  • Difficulty remembering what was just said or what was just read

Which children are at risk for a learning disorder?

    • Problems during pregnancy
    • Problems during birth or early infancy
    • Other health conditions, such as ADHD
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