IQ Test For Children

Your child is struggling with a maths problem again and again. And, you ask yourself – Is she above or below average? Will she be able to cope with her studies? Is she ‘intelligent’ enough? When parents want to have the intelligence of their children, often it’s because the child appears to have a very low or a very high intelligence it depends on him/her brain. For all other cases, the regular school exams and progress tests will useful for child progress.The best thing about this IQ test is that it a standardized test that is supervised by a psychologist
Online tests are aplenty but these may or may not be validated for the Indian population.
The assessment begins with tests corresponding to the chronological age of the child and then moves upwards.

Types of Intelligence Testing

Most intelligence assessments look  different IQ Test

  •  Verbal intelligence is the ability to comprehend and solve language-based solved problems.
  • Non –  Verbal intelligence is the ability to understand and solve sequential  problems

IQ test for kids assesses different aspects

  • verbal, non-verbal, quantitative, and visual-spatial abilities
  • factual knowledge
  • abstract reasoning
  • problem-solving and
  • creative thinking skills
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