Aptitude Testing in Nagpur

An aptitude test is a form of psychometric assessment, used to measure an individual’s natural strengths in a given area. It differs from a knowledge-based test in that it does not require familiarity with a particular subject. Instead, it looks at your inherent skills, and your ability to apply them in new situations.

What is the purpose of an aptitude test?

The primary purpose of an aptitude test is to determine your capability. Instead of looking at what you know, it looks at your learning capacity, and your ability to work with new information in an effective manner. This gives a strong indication of how well you’re likely to perform in a particular setting, be it educational or professional.

When might you take an aptitude test?

There are two main settings in which aptitude tests are commonly administered: during education, and as part of the selection process in professional recruitment.
In the first instance, aptitude tests can be used to help informed decisions on a student’s academic path. For example, they may be given to determine if an individual is suited to a gifted education program.
They may also be taken to help you choose suitable career options based on your natural abilities.
Their most common use, though, is in recruitment.
At Mind &Sex clinic ,we have experts who will assess your abilities with standardised aptitude test called David Battery of Differential Abilities (DBDA) and guide you for taking the decision for your probable carrier.
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