Autism Spectrum disorder(ASD)

It is a complex near developmental condition involving persistent challenges with social communication restricted interests and repetitive behavior.

When to seek on evaluation or assessment ?

If as a parent you feel that your child has
  • Social communication difficulty eg. Aversion to maintain eye contact, difficulty making friends or keeping them, decreased sharing of interests with others, prefers to be alone.
  • Restricted interests like extreme difficulty coping with change. Difficulty tolerating change in routing and new experience.
  • Repetitive behaviors like hand flapping, spinning, rocking, arranging things often boys in a very particular manner

Autism treatment at mind and sex clinic.

Parents/ caregiver teacher concerns about the child’s behavior should lead to specialized evaluation by our team of Child & adolescent psychiatrist & child psychiatrist.

What you can expect during the evaluation.

This evaluation involves interviewing the parent / caregiver , observing & interacting with the child in a structured manner & sometimes conducting additional tests to rule out other disorder.

Management of Autism at Mind & Sex clinic

If our clinic the management mainly has 2 aspects.
  • Pharmacotherapy are prescribed to reduce the impulsivity & hyperactivity of the kids.
  •  Applied behavior analysis :- It involves systematic study of the child’s functional challenges , which is used to create a structured behavioral plan for improving their adaptive skills & decreasing inappropriate behavior.
Social skills training:- It is done in group or individual settings. Our experts teach the kids how to navigate through different social situation.
Speech and language therapy
Occupational therapy :- This addresses adaptive skills deficits with activities of daily living, problems with handwriting.
Parent management training :- Our experts teach parent effective ways of responding to problematic behavior & encouraging appropriate behavior in their child.
Special Education Services :- At our clinic parent are provided with the resources for local special educators as well as special schools available in nearby areas.
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