Autism Spectrum disorder(ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental condition that affects social interaction, communication, behavior, and sensory processing. It is referred to as a spectrum disorder because it manifests in a wide range of symptoms and severity levels, and individuals with ASD can vary greatly in their abilities, strengths, and challenges. Visit Our Clinic or Book Appointment For More Information!

When to seek an evaluation or assessment ?

If as a parent you feel that your child has any of the following concern –
  • Social communication difficulty eg. Aversion to maintain eye contact, difficulty making friends or keeping them, decrease sharing of interests with others, prefers to be alone.
  • Restricted interests like extreme difficulty coping with change. Difficulty tolerating change in routine and new experience.
  • Repetitive behaviors like hand flapping, spinning, rocking, arranging things often toys in a very particular manner, tiptoe walking.

Autism treatment at mind and sex clinic-

If Parents / caregiver, teacher notice any of the above mentioned concerns, child should undergo specialized evaluation by our team of Child & adolescent psychiatrist & child psychologist.

What you can expect during the evaluation?

This evaluation involves interviewing the parent / caregiver , observing & interacting with the child in a structured manner & few diagnostic assessments.
Diagnostic interview involves the use of standardized psychological tests. Screening tests & confirmatory tests are used to evaluate & decide the further plan of action.
Sometimes there can be a need of conducting additional tests to rule out other disorders.

Management of Autism at Mind & Sex clinic-

We believe in holistic management approach to ASD.
Pharmacotherapy is prescribed to reduce the impulsivity & hyperactivity of the kids.
Applied behavior analysis :- It involves systematic study of the child’s functional challenges, which is used to create a behavioral plan for improving their adaptive skills & decreasing inappropriate behavior. Also, child is advice for sensory integration theropy & speed theropy if the need arrises.
Social skills training:- It is done in group or individual settings. Our experts teach the kids how to navigate through different social situation.
Parent Psychoeducation :- Our experts teach parent effective ways of responding to problematic behavior & encouraging appropriate behavior in their child.
Special Education Services :- If child has poor scholastic performance, reading & writing issue we providing individualize remedial services to improve our skills.
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