Revised Dyadic Adjustment Scale

Most persons have disagreements in their relationships. Please indicate below the approximate extent of agreement or disagreement between you and your partner for each item on the following list.

    Always Agree

    Almost Always Agree

    Occasionally Agree

    Frequently Disagree

    Almost Always Disagree

    Always Disagree

    1. Religious matters

    2. Demonstrations of affection

    3. Making major decisions

    4. Sex relations

    5. Conventionality (correct or proper behaveior)

    6. Career decisions

    All the Time

    Most of the time

    More often than not




    7. How often do you discuss or have you considered divorce, separation, or terminating your relationship?

    8. How often do you and your
    partner quarrel?

    9. Do you ever regret that you married (or lived together)?

    10. How often do you and your mate “get on each other’s nerves’’?


    Almost Everyday




    11. Do you and your mate engage in outside interests


    Less than once a month

    Once or twice a month

    Once or twice a week

    Once a day

    More often

    12. Have a stimulating exchange of ideas

    13.Work together on a project

    14.Calmly discuss something

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