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Psychological Assessment Report

Test administered:

David’s battery of Differential abilities.

Introduction to Assessment report:

Mind and Sex Clinic provides treatment for adults and children with mental health needs. Our staff works with patients and their families to help them optimize the management of illnesses of mind and addictions. Our wellness clinic and outreach services caters all sort of people including school mental health and community based interventions.

Scores on individual scales:

The Scores on individual scale indicates how well Candidate has performed overall on that scale. These scores are compared in a graph using 1 to 10 sten scale, with the sten values given in the following chart.

    DBDA profile of the candidate is as follows:

    Ability graph for the student:


    Student possess extremely high clerical abilities, whereas closure ability, numerical and verbal abilities are observed in average ranges.

    Recommendations based on the test findings:

    Clerical abilities:

    It involves the perceptual speed and accuracy in which examinee rapidly assesses the sameness and differences in the stimulus provided. High score on this ability can be indicative of possible success in tasks involving record keeping, documentation, inventories, dispatching, coding and operations management.

    Closure ability :

    It refers to the ability to see quickly a whole stimulus when parts of it are missing. Student who is high in this ability can pursue carrier successfully in occupations involving speedy visual perception e.g. architecture, computer programming, data processing , coding, art and designing

    Verbal ability:

    Linguistic intellects can turn out to be notable writers and creators. Student can perform better on professions wherein verbal & language skills are more prominently used like teaching, legal assistant, language translator , Journalism, writer , content creator, editorial etc

    Spatial abilities:

    Sr. no. Individual ability scales STEN score Description
    1 Closure ability 8 Above average ability to form perceptual cluster from a number of vague data present in the surroundings. Can perceive meaningful blocks and perceive them.
    2 Clerical ability ? Extremely high ability to perform with speed and accuracy in a monotonous task.  
    3 Mechanical ability 5 Below Average ability in performance of technical vocational areas. Is somewhat aware of the information on basic mechanical principles.
    4 Numerical ability 7 Can perform operations accurately. Has a high skill to manipulate numbers accurately but response time is little more for the age. can perform well in accounting, technical & data processing kind of tasks.
    5 Psychomotor ability 7 Average psychomotor ability to perform accurately under speeded conditions. fine muscle dexterity for manual tasks are present but time management skills lacking. Can be successful in assembly line work, drafting & clerical jobs.
    6 Reasoning ability 5 Poor ability to apply logical reasoning from some specific information to a general principle.
    7 Spatial ability 6 Average ability to perceive relationships & arrangements among visual patterns. Unable to perceive small details in spatial relations.
    8 Verbal ability 6 Average verbal ability to understand & apply English language in an unstructured form. Student has an average ability to comprehend English vocabulary & verbal skills for usage in practical applications.
    This refers to the ability to deal with mental manipulation of objects in 3 dimensional space. Individuals scoring high on this ability can be successful in geometrical drawing, drafting, vocational training, arts and designing. A good predictor of occupations involving figural materials, such as shopwork, architecture, building construction, engineering, commercial art, fashion designing etc.

    Krantee Kuthe

    Clinical Psychologist

    Test report only indicates the strengths of the candidate. In no way it is the definitive projector of the success in particular domain.
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